A Typical Session

A session lasts normally between 3-4hrs.

The first 30-45 minutes I speak with you so I know what your intentions are and how you are feeling on the given day.  Normally I do this while going for a walk, which gives you some time to get to know me as well.  The average client is single or in a relationship, ranges from 20-60 yrs. of age, and is looking for anything from the removal of pain to the exploration of their ecstatic pleasure potential.

Breath, voice and hydration

15-20 minutes is spent learning how to breath and voice.  Together we use a breathing technique to oxygenate the vagina.  We use 7 vowel sounds that resonates with specific body parts from vagina to the top of the head. This part is a bit meditative and puts you in touch with your body.

We also drink plenty of fluids throughout the session and take frequent bathroom breaks as hydration is essential.  I use herbal tea as it keeps the body warm.


External dearmouring (I use my hands and coconut oil)

30-45 minutes is used to remove any physical tension on the outside of the body, by pressing, holding, and massaging. (i.e. throat, neck, face, back, stomach, psoas, arms, legs, hips, butt) As I work with my hands, I instruct you to continue breathing and voicing whatever you feel.

Internal dearmouring (I use my hands, wear vinyl gloves, and use coconut oil)

30-45 minutes is spent removing any physical tension from the vaginal entrance. (i.e. labia, fossa vestibular, clitoris, Bartholin glands)  As I work, I instruct you to continue breathing into the vagina and how to use specific sounds to enjoy more sensation.  If not by Phase 2, then most women’s sexual engines are highly active at this point.

30-45 minutes is spent removing any physical tension from the g-spot area and cervix.

Movement, squirting, and possibly womb orgasms (I use my hands, wear vinyl gloves, and use coconut oil)

60-90 minutes is the average amount of time before you are sexually sated and physically satisfied.  Working with a pain free g-spot and cervix, I use manual techniques and instruct you how to add movement to breathing and voicing so as to generate high levels of pleasure.
Every session is individualized and the timing can vary.
It is not a goal in and of itself, but I have never had a woman not squirt, nor a cervix not dilate.

Squirting rinses the urethral tract, saturates the vagina like a sponge, releases any emotions of guilt or shame around sex, and lowers the cervix for pleasure to spread into the womb and rest of the body.  In other words, most women get very horny and their vaginas become very juicy.
Cervical stimulation leads to some of the most exquisite pleasure and profound releases of stress in the female body. The cervix dilates and becomes soft and fluffy.  Like a mouth, te cervix begins to open and, depending on the woman, sucks in 1/3 to 1/2 of my finger.  The mind and distracting thoughts go silent as the pleasure centers take over.  Most women experience feelings of energy, lightness, light, joy, freedom and femininity pulsing throughout their body and out of their hands and feet.

Most women continue to feel this for 3 days to 2 weeks after the session.  Some women can feel emotionally vulnerable if they are not used to being sexually open.

All in all, this is more embodied sex coaching than a “massage”.  I explain what I do as I proceed, for my wish is to empower women and their partners in their own sexual practice.

If you have any more questions or details that you are curious to know about, then let me know.

Stay juicy 😉

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