Tantric Sex Coach & Bodyworker

I am an international relationship and tantric sex coach, skilled in trigger point, myofascial release, dearmouring, voice, breath, and induced trance states.  I have lived and worked on all continents except Antarctica.  My academic background is in linguistics (BA) and cognitive semiotics (MA) from the University of Michigan Honors and Aarhus University Elite programs.  I wrote my thesis on the psychology, neuroscience, and interaction analysis of love and courtship behavior.

At a very young age, I took interest in both the healing and martial arts, where I began to train my mind and body in breath, energy, massage, bodywork, and various forms of fighting arts.  My mother suffered from neck, back and shoulder problems and was one of the first people on which I regularly worked and practiced.  I began working part time giving massages in high school to many of my sports teammates and other athletes.

After completing my BA, I continued to travel the world teaching men and women how to have more fulfilling dating lives and relationships.  I was hired to give seminars and to take people out to parks, clubs, and public spaces to give them live dating and social coaching when approaching a potential Mr. or Mrs. Right, many times even approaching the person for them for demonstration or to start the conversation before introducing them.

After my now wife and I married, she began to experience pain, numbness and a lack of desire in the vagina, which gave birth to frustration within the relationship.  Unsatisfied with day spa treatments and the track record of cognitive couple’s therapy, we sought out and I returned to tantric teachings for answers that addressed both of our minds and bodies.  After all numbness and pain was removed and replaced with pleasure, her friends, their friends and many other women and their partners began coming to me for help in regaining a connection to their femininity and exploring their sexuality.

Tantra til Kvinder is result of this work and the response to a growing female need in Scandinavia for a highly capable and dependable male bodyworker and tantric sex coach who can hold a safe masculine space for women women to discover, revive and reclaim their feminine sexuality. 

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