Why Tantra?

How about asking, “Why not practice Tantra?”

I find it an easier question to answer concisely.

Simply put, it is ego dissolving and fear confronting, because it is transformational and opening, and because all this can be painful.

Maybe you can see how these answers are the very same someone might provide for reasons to practice Tantra.  After all, it is easier for us as people to know what we have and don’t want, than to want something we don’t know we already have.

Sexual prowess

Humans are sexual beings, and we all have sexual energy that we can strengthen and harness.  This is essentially no different than with our mental and physical faculties, becoming strong if nurtured yet weak if neglected.

Men and women already spend significant portions of the world’s total economy on pharmaceutics and beauty products to obtain what is often times merely a fleeting image of sexiness.

Why not instead spend your time and develop the skills to empower what pharmaceutics and beauty products can at best patch up?

So again…

Why practice tantra?

It is not just because it can heal traumas or strip away pain, but because tantric practice empowers people to open their minds and bodies for the experience of pleasure and joy.  Tantra is a means to create positive imprints into our muscle memory.  Where there is still much ignorance, shame, and taboo, tantric practice cultivates knowledge, understanding, and acceptance around our sexual bodies.  The tantric process may begin with the release of pain but it brings about boundless levels of ecstasy.  Tantra may begin with self-discovery, but its crown diadem is the transcendental bond and experience of the other.

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