Product Description

Our most popular sessions for women. These are both powerful and transformative.

We use the breath, voice, proprioceptive awareness, trigger points, verbal affirmations, and hydration to dearmour both the mind and body.

As a male, I hold space for whatever sensations, emotions and memories may emerge, so that your feminine may emerge and relax through whatever numbness, discomfort, pain, guilt or shame we may encounter and while opening to powerful, new sensations of energy and pleasure.

This is experiential learning and provides an excellent introduction to tantric practices and how to efficiently enact them in everyday life to revolutionize, heal and empower feminine prowess and sexual health.

Not only do you feel the effects after one session, but your partner or those with whom you come into contact will notice and typically comment on your positivity, energy and satisfied state of relaxation.

Typically 3-4 hours
*There is no strict time limit as session are highly individualized to your personal stateĀ on the given time and date of the session*


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