Product Description

Our most popular sessions for couples. These are both powerful and transformative.

We use breath, voice, proprioceptive awareness, trigger points, verbal affirmations, trance states, and hydration to dearmour both the mind and body.

These sessions run very similar to dearmouring except that time is extended so as to balance between dearmouring the woman and teaching her partner.

This is experiential learning and provides you and your partner an excellent introduction to tantric practices and how to efficiently enact them in everyday life so as to bring sexual healing to your relationship.

Both you and your partners will come away with applicable, everyday tools for helping to guide you into feeling feminine, open, desirous towards your partner, and passionate about your relationship and sex life.

*Typically 6-7 hours with a break for lunch but there is no strict time limit as session are highly individualized to your relationship’s needs on the given time and date of the session*


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