Gry Dagmar

Gry is a psychotherapist and bodyworker.

She has a plethora of methods and tools at her disposal and specializes in male sexual health and psychology.  Always learning and truly unique, there is none other I know of who is capable of the work and guidance she offers men and their partners.

Many of her clients are Danish military personnel, whom she has to helped to overcome to overcome psychological and physical blocks around sex.

Susanne Roursgaard

Susanne is a midwife, sexologist and bodyworker, specialized in dearmouring for trauma release.

If there were to be a “Queen of Dearmouring” in Denmark, then it would likely be her.

So, if you have been severely traumatized then there is likely no one else better suited to help you medically.


Signe Bentzen

Signe is a therapist and sexologist, with a specialty in couple’s therapy and self-esteem problems.

Not only has she held the presidency of the Dansk Sexolog Forening and now currently hosts the show Sexperterne, but she has a long track record of helping both couples and individuals to be mindful and lead fruitful relationships.

Jeanne Aya Reinhardt

Jeanne is a reiki healer.  She specializes in klangmassage, meditation, and healing.  She has a beautiful voice with which she seasons her unique and powerful sessions in a way that is otherworldly.